Friday, January 29, 2021

KalloSophia 2021 Art Project

 KalloSophia 2021 Online Art Project

Michael Grimley

Book now to experience the fruits of Michael's life-long love and study!
 From our little village of McGregor in South Africa he can now share country- and world-wide.
Late Monday afternoons you can explore five themes inspired by the spirituality based artistic and aesthetic insights of 
Wolfgang von Goethe, Friedrich Schiller and Rudolf Steiner. 
This New Art Project comprises 5 modules spread throughout the year. Each module consists of 4 sessions exploring a self-contained theme with a particular medium: clay, pastels, charcoal, water colour, and the last one with media of your own choice.

Join us for one module or all five

For further information see posters below and contact Michael:
Warm greetings,
Briar and Michael Grimley


Thursday, November 19, 2020

Looking backwards moving Forwards

 Follow Your Star

 The traditional symbols at Christmas are the tree, the star, the baby, mother and father, the stable, the donkey, sheep, cow, camel, shepherds and kings, and gifts.

What do these all mean to us? Perhaps the Tree of Life, our Vision, our Inner Child, the Feminine and Masculine principles, the Lowly, the Innocent, the Nurturer, the Bearer, the Protector, the Highest within, Generosity with our Innate Qualities? 

Whatever Christmas means to us, all of these are valuable to contemplate in any quiet moments we can find at this outward time in the southern hemisphere. And for those in the north this is easier for you during the many indoor hours if you can make the space to put aside all the electronic diversions. 

As we look back to the year that is disappearing fast, and we look ahead into the unknown - may you find the gifts from the challenges, and move into 2021 wiser, more compassionate, and fired to be a helper in this world. 

We end this year and the begin the new year with two (online) offerings to you all: A Christmas Story inspired by Ethiopian Folklore, and the journey of The Other Wise Man. In both you will hear the story, rich in depth and meaning, told by Briar, and the following morning Michael will lead you through an artistic process and we will have conversations that will warm your hearts and inspire your imagination...

Half the income from these two workshops will be donated to the Feeding Scheme in McGregor where we live. If you chose to do both workshops you get a discount. 

We wish you all many blessings of joy in this time, and may you enter 2021 enlightened, nourished and strengthened.  

With our love,

Briar and Michael 

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Tuesday, May 5, 2020

In the Time of Corona

Joy Matters

An excerpt from The Book of Joy

 (A record of a week long conversation between 
His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu 
in celebration of the Dalai Lama’s 80th Birthday):

“No dark fate determines the future. We do. Each day and each moment,
 we are able to create and re-create our lives and the very quality of
 human life on our planet. This is the power we wield.
 Lasting happiness cannot be found in pursuit of any goal or achievement. 
It does not reside in fortune or fame. It resides only in the human mind
 and heart,  and it is here that we hope you will find it.”

At a time when we can so easily feel out of control these words feed 

our sense of worth and personal joy … enabling us to be the helpers
 that are needed right now. We wish you all a profound journey and 
many moments of sublime joy this year.

We have outlined our programme for the year… please click 

on the above tab ‘Courses this Year’ to access it. 
Already several of our courses have had to be postponed, 
and of course it is possible that the programme 
as it now stands will also change.

We send all of you our wishes of strength and good health,

 but most of all we wish you continued strong connection to the spirit 
and to each other… this will be paramount for the healing that 
wants to happen on our earth.

We look forward to being with many of you again this year. 

And do remember that you are welcome to invite us to work 
in your organisation or with a group and venue of your choice.

We might even try and offer some of our work on line ... 

we need to gain the skills first!

With our warmest love, 

 Briar and Michael

The Bees and the Basil
A little anecdote from our garden in McGregor
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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Winter Winds are Blowing

Winter Cold, Warmth of Heart

In the depth of winter with icy winds blowing, when clear blue skies and frosted grass, turn to dark wild clouds and dripping leaves, and back again, and back again, never the same ... then we can turn inwards to our heart warmth and spirit fire. We look to the newly pruned trees, freshly made compost and imagine the activity within and underground, actively preparing for the Spring to come.

And as we sit in our warmed homes, let us find within us the place to think, feel and act, always with consideration for others.

I heard a story the other day:

A father and his daughter were walking down the road and saw in an opening they were passing, a fair with food and jolly music. The daughter tugged at her father's arm, pulling him to go into the fairgrounds. But the father resisted, saying, 'You know we don't have money for such frivolities'. She pulled even harder saying, 'We can just look, father!' So he gave in and they went in, hand-in-hand. Of course it was not long before she saw a very enticing stall with beautiful big red apples, and she said to her father, 'Please, please can I have one?'. The apples did look very good, and feeling somewhat hungry himself, he sighed and said, 'I will see what I can find in my pocket'. He scratched around and gave her what money he could find, saying 'See what you can buy with that.' She spent a long time at the stall, picking and choosing and finally she found two shiney big crisp red fruits. She bit hungrily into the one, smacking her lips, chewing slowly, tasting carefully. And then to her father's surprise, she bit into the other one too! He was rather hoping that she would give him one of the apples... and in the same way she chewed slowly, tasting carefully. And then another surprise... she held out the first apple to her father saying, 'This is the best one father, you must have this one.'

Do click on our 'Galary' and 'Responses' tabs to see what we have been up to this year, and then on our 'Courses this Year' tab, to see what is still ahead.

We wish you a cosy rest of the winter and a joyful Spring. We hope to have our 2020 programme ready by the end of November. In the meantime we will continue updating our 'Courses this Year', 'Galary' and 'Responses' pages.


Saturday, February 2, 2019

A New Year Begins

Apocalyptic Times

AD van der Lugt

Each day we meet with events worldwide, local and personal, which cause us to gasp, shake our heads, recoil, retreat...

To respond to these dramatic times with inner stability, with truth, compassion and creativity... with Love,
 is the enormous challenge we face in these most dramatic of times.

With our KalloSophia partnership, we attempt to offer soul touching artistic activities, presentations, soul-enriching and soul-searching workshops, educational insights and practice, and opportunites for conversation on the deeper side of life. It is our hope that together we can all hold hands, become stronger, find hope and joy, 
and reach out our hands to others.

This last year we started running some of our activities in our new home... we hope to grow these. At the same time we are travelling a great deal, meeting so many more new and old fellow travellers, and greater perspectives. We thank all of you for how you have received our offerings, and for how much you have enriched our lives. We will be travelling a lot again this year.

One aspect of our work that has been changing considerably recently, is the number of requests we are receiving to work with organisations and groups of people. The number of public events we offer is therefore decreasing. We love this way of working... adapting and creating events to suit the needs. Do please let us know if you would like us to work in this way with you, your organisation, or group.

Our programme is still in process for the year. Do please click on the tabs above to see what we have been doing, and what we have planned so far for 2019.

Click HERE for our next public event

With our love to you all,

Briar and Michael


Friday, August 17, 2018

Spring and Summer Programme

The Journey Continues

In our journey, and your journey, to the still point - to be nourished, to be the nourisher, to be watered and the waterer, to be loved and the one who loves, we offer further experiences as winter turns to spring, and spring turns to summer. 

And so our journey continues for the remainder of the year from McGregor to Namibia, to Cape Town, to Johannesburg, and back to McGregor...

Please see our programme below - the public ones are for your interest and attendance, and to see what we are offering generally; and the others are for you to get an idea of what and how we offer by invitation, should you feel moved to invite us.

We look forward to sharing this rich time with many of you!

Please also note that our Blog has at last been updated and all pictures and responses from our activities over the last two years have been added. Do take a look:



 20 - 25 September 2018
Back to the Windhoek Waldorf School to mentor a new teacher, and to offer public workshops on 'Active Practical Love' and 'A Step into the Infinite - A first course in Projective Geometry'.


26 - 29 September 2018
A three day training conference for the facilitators of the Butterfly Art Project - a healing art initiative in the Vrygrond township in Cape Town.

30 September - 11 October 2018

Two weeks in Plumstead, Cape Town:
  • Sunday afternoon 30 September - a presentation at Sophia House in Plumstead by Michael - 'Consciousness and Truth'.
  • Monday and Tuesday mornings 1 & 2 October - 'Projective Geometry Part 2' with Briar - for those who have done Part 1 (If you are interested in doing Part 1, please contact Briar)
  • Wednesday and Thursday mornings 3 & 4 October - 'Projective Geometry Part 3' with Briar - for those who have done Parts 1 & 2

You receive a reduction if you do both Parts 2 and 3.

  •  Thursday 4 October - Presentations by Briar and Michael at the annual Eurythmy conference.
  • Friday evening and all day Saturday 5 & 6 October - 'Mythos to Logos' - a Greek Mythology Story and Art workshop.
  • Monday - Thursday mornings 8 - 11 October - Michael gives History of Art presentations to Eurythmy students 
  • Monday - Thursday afternoons 8 - 11 October - Briar gives Geometry for the Joy of It course to Eurythmy students 
  • Monday and Wednesday mornings 8 & 10 October - Briar gives a new Geometry public workshop 'Geometry in the Ethiopian Churches', at Sophia House, Plumstead.


 12 - 21 October 2018
 To Johannesburg and Tswane (Pretoria)
  • Friday late afternoon/evening, and Saturday all day 12 & 13 October - 'Hidden Voices of Ethiopia' a Story and Art course at the Rudolf Steiner Centre, Michael Mount Waldorf School, Bryanston, Johannesburg.

  •  Sunday late morning 14 October - 'In Search of Prester John' a presentation at the Christian Community Church, Randburg, Johannesburg.
  • Monday afternoon 15 October - 'The Spiritual Task of the College of Teachers' for the teaching leadership of the Waldorf School at Rosemary Hill in Tswane (Pretoria).
  • Tuesday afternoon 16 October - 'Inner Stability in Unstable Times' for the teachers of the Waldorf School at Rosemary Hill in Tswane (Pretoria).
  • Wednesday 17 October - 'In Search of Prester John' a public presentation at the Waldorf School at Rosemary Hill in Tswane (Pretoria).

  •  Thursday afternoon 18 October - 'The College Imagination' for the teaching leadership of the Michael Mount Waldorf School, Bryanston, Johannesburg
 And then a break until the beginning of December when we end the year with our last event for 2018 in McGregor, Western Cape


  8, 9 December 2018
 McGregor, Western Cape  

  •  Saturday 8 December all day & Sunday morning 9 December - 'Vasalisa the Wise', a Story and Art workshop at Acacia Grove in McGregor, Western Cape. This workshop was initially to be held on Women's Day in McGregor for but various reasons had to be postponed.

 We hope to update you on our 2019 programme 
by the end of November.

Sunday, July 8, 2018


Winter sets in with a blanket of snow
Acacia Grove at the foothils of the Boland Mountains

What a rich Winter we have had so far!
  In early June we journeyed with Apollo, Dionysos, Orpheus and his pupil into the depths of the Temple of Delphi at Temenos and Acacia Grove in McGregor. In mid-June we gave presentations to the Biodynamic Trainees in Stellenbosch, in late June and early July we were hosted by the Windhoek Waldorf School for two weeks where we offered a full programme of mentoring, teacher enrichment, inner development, Consciousness and Truth, Prester John presentations, and ended with our African Persephone story and art course. Hectic but very satisfying. Photographs will be added to our Gallery soon.

And Now...
We warmly invite you to our Womens' Day Event in McGregor
9 & 10 August 2018

Vasalisa the Wise

A Russian Folk tale from ‘Women who run with the Wolves’.

Join Briar and Michael at Acacia Grove, and let the telling of this story sing to the deep woman in you. Through pastel, clay and poetry writing we will welcome her to dance with us, hold our hands, laugh and cry with us, and ‘wring the truth from things’.